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Makela Yepez (Muh-Kella Yep-pez)

Originally from a small town in Northern California, Makela Yepez has been living in Los Angeles for the past 6 years and has been taking photos since he was 5 years old. His love for film and visual storytelling bled into his passion for photography and his obsession with capturing images that reveal more than what meets the eye. 


Studying at UCLA’s School of Theater, Makela studied directing and developed an eye for composition and the simple yet critical concept of evoking emotion from what we see. Through his time in college his photography evolved from a hobby to a business. 


Makela has shot with and helped actors book national commercials, professional theater productions and has helped actors get signed with management and agencies all across the United States. He has worked for Chapman University and the University of California, Los Angeles taking headshots for graduating actors for their showcase. 


He’s also shot for Los Angeles Theater Center, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and is currently working at UCLA as the theatrical production photographer. He’s also taken photos for the Wiltern in Los Angeles, the Mint and the Viper Room in West Hollywood. In addition he has also spent time working under Michael Roud, one of LA’s top headshot photographers (Backstage). 


Along with headshots and live performance, Makela also loves working with artists and people, taking portraits and editorials and creating quality yet personal work. From professional studios to his kitchen, Makela looks to create a unique and intimate space to let the artists reveal themselves in a way that exposes who they are and what stories they have to share with the world. 


Makela Yepez is based in West Hollywood, CA and shoots with a Sony Alpha 7rIV.

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